Chronic Telogen Effluvium (CTE) Causes

Cause Of CTE #1: You Either Aren’t Addressing The Right Trigger Or The Trigger Keeps Repeating Itself: A trigger is what caused the shedding to begin in the first place. Some triggers are very easy to pinpoint like for instance giving birth. And in this example, the only thing that is really required with this particular trigger is just waiting it out. With the passage of time, the hair cycles should resume normally. However, most of the “cut and dried” triggers are seen with regular, short lived TE rather than the chronic or longer term shedding (CTE.)

By its very nature CTE often means that the trigger is something that is eluding you or is hard to pinpoint. Sometimes, the shedding is due to a medical issue that you can’t uncover. Or, you might be having hormonal issues but you can’t pinpoint exactly which hormones you are talking about or you’re having difficulty getting your own personal balance right. In these cases, it can be really hard to eliminate the root cause without some trial and error.

Other times, you may be treating one thing based on what you think is the trigger and not gaining any ground because what you’re addressing isn’t the real culprit after all. When you have CTE, it’s very important to look at all possible angles and it’s also important to give your treatments time to work.

Chronic Telogen Effluvium Cause #2: Your Treatments Are Causing More Upheaval That Is Kicking Off Another Bout Of Shedding: Probably the most common cause of this condition is becoming more hormonally vulnerable over time. This is true of both women and men. In men, the hormones I’m talking about are often androgens or DHT. In women, I’m talking about estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid and adrenal hormones.

In both men and women, these things can wane and change with age. You can also become quite sensitive to these changes and this can show up in your hair. Sometimes, people will begin to attempt to add in hormones to replace what is lessening. Unfortunately, tweaking your hormones can sometimes aggravate that hormonal sensitivity I was talking about and kick off yet another round of shedding or telogen effluvium.

That’s why it can be important to slowly taper any treatments. Abrupt or dramatic hormonal changes are rarely good for the hormonally sensitive and this becomes truer with age and with subsequent bouts of shedding.

The 3rd Case Of CTE: A Regular Bout Of TE Kicked Off Something Else: Sometimes, run of the mill TE evolves into something else that might have been your genetic destiny that would have come on down the road. In other words, sometimes CTE gives rise to the androgenic alopecia (AGA or genetic thinning or balding) that might have eventually come years in the future.

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