Cerebral Concussion

Cerebral concussion is a brain injury caused by trauma – either to the skull or the whole body. Most times, strokes not raise special problems and everything is back to normal by itself. However, producing a cerebral concussion becomes suspicion, especially if it is a child he requires professional care because of the risk of complications.


It happens more than once: While playing, the child falls from a height relatively small, or while playing football, collides with a colleague. Immediately after falling, the baby get up, but has a little uncertain walking, sees himself as not really know where he was, talking incoherently, is dizzy. In such situations it is possible that the child has suffered a concussion.

The brain is protected by strong bones of the skull, wrapped within which floats the cerebrospinal fluid. For this reason, the brain is relatively well protected, in case of a head injury, brain parts are moving entirely and no one is crushed. However, if the shot is strong because of deceleration, it can cause a short period the brain is “shorted”. In severe cases, the brain is injured, bleeding may occur with the occurrence of cerebral hematoma and brain function may be affected long term. Strokes can occur not only during contact sports, and falls during the bike (so it is very important wearing crash helmets) and even while your child plays in the park or at home. You must understand why it is important to recognize signs that may
indicate a concussion, for a specialist to evaluate quickly as possible the state of the person concerned; the person is most often a child.

Here are the signs that indicate a concussion:

. Patient is dizzy, disoriented

. He moves erratically, no balance

. He gives late answer questions

. He loses consciousness, if only for a second

. He doesn’t know exactly where he is and what he does

. He hardly remembers what happened immediately before or after stroke

. He behaves in an unusual way, not characteristic for him

. He is complaining of headaches

. He has nausea, flows

. He is sensitive to sound or light

Causes of cerebral concussion

Brain tissue is protected by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and skull. Nervous substance floats in CSF, when applied to a blow to the head, moving the entire brain simultaneously, so that virtually any portion of the brain will not be crushed by the blow. However, in terms of bruising, brain present lesions of deceleration and produce a short loss of consciousness due
to interruption of nerve function.

Concussion causes are multiple:

– Tough sports, battle

– Falls from height

– Collisions on the playground

– Car accidents

– Fall from the bicycle.

Natural treatment for concussion with Calivita products

– Coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo Biloba and antioxidants in the composition of Mega Protect 4 Life are effective against factors that favor the growth of malignant cells.

– A useful tool against the states of stress and for improving overall body condition is Rhodiolin, a dietary supplement based on Rhodiola Rosea- an adaptogenic plant- and zinc.

– Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil have antidepressant effects and acts as a protector of the cardiovascular system. Plus Omega 3 is an anticancer effect, reducing the risk of malignant cells.

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